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Teachers at Casa dei Bambini

In the Children's Houses" the old-time teacher, who wore herself out maintaining discipline of immobility, and who wasted her breath in loud and continual discourse has disappeared. For this teacher we have substituted the didactic material, which contains within itself the control of errors and which makes auto education possible to each child. The teacher has thus become a director of the spontaneous work of the children. She is now a passive force, a silent presence.

Maria Montessori
The Montessori Method


The Montessori teachers at Casa dei Bambini holds an AMI (Association Montessori International) degree, qualifying them to teach internationally. Beyond their academic accomplishments, these teachers come to Casa dei Bambini for their warmth, commitment to their profession and loving spirit. In addition to being fully qualified and to meeting strict state requirements, our teachers' special skills include, but are not limited to, foreign languages, art, music and specializing degrees.

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In her method, Dr. Montessori envisioned a new role for the teacher. We often refer to her as a guide or director, because the teacher does not teach in the traditional sense. It is the children who teach themselves through activity, while the teacher's role is to direct, stimulate and guide this activity. The students are introduced to materials through careful demonstration, or "presentation." The teacher slowly and precisely uses the material in its intended way while a learner or group of learners watch. During such presentations unnecessary words and movements are avoided and actions are broken into discernible steps to increase understanding and the chance for success when the materials are used later.

The decision to do a particular lesson or presentation often results directly from observations and assessments of other work. The teacher, may then re-present some materials or exercises to show variations or extensions, or to help the student learn new information or terminology. Curiosity and the child's ability to learn effortlessly and concretely allow the Montessori teacher the opportunity to introduce multiple subjects for the child to discover and explore.

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