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Room 13

Focusing and concentrating: In Practical Life jobs, as part of food preparation, this child is learning to peel a tangerine both with and without a peeling tool. It helps the child strengthen hand muscle and finger coordination.

Dear Room 13 Families,

Welcome back! We are delighted to have all of our children back in Room 13. We hope that you had a wonderful and restful summer vacation. Room 13 has some news to share. We would like to welcome three new friends: Cory, Ibrahim, and Alessendro. They joined our class this new academic year and we are so glad to have them. Welcome! 欢迎你们来到我们双语班! (Huan ying ni men lai dao wo men shuang yu ban!) We have more exciting news. This year we have had a group of students promoted to Kindergarten within the classroom. We are so proud of them!

The photos above are the completion of a work cycle. 1st step: Concentration; 2nd step: Penmanship: he is drawing himself, his body, face, eyes, ears and hair. He loves his art and penmanship time. Final step is coloring his project. “ I am ready to show you my work!”

We were so pleased with the wonderful presentation about the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Adriana and Patama (Room 13: mother of Keren and mother of Eliana) taught the children an Israeli traditional folk dance. Adriana was so patient in teaching the dance to the children. The children joyfully held each other’s hands following Adriana’s dancing instructions: “1, 2, 3 to the right; 1, 2, 3 to the right; 1, 2, 3 to the center, 1, 2, 3 forward, 1,2, 3 backward…” The children were happy and laughing in the big hall. We also enjoyed tasting the delicious fresh round challah bread and apples with honey. Let’s give a big round of applause to Patama and Adriana and a big “thank you” to both of them for our first exciting presentation of the new school year.

We also would like to thank Pratima and Kristin (Room 13 and Preprimary class: Mira and Maya’s Grandmother and Mother) for the great presentation about Indian culture. An autumn festival called Navratri, includes an Indian dance called Garba, which is performed for 9 days. Small-hand sticks can be used in the dance. Pratima taught the children the dance using the sticks, and then together in a circle, in the big hall, the children started the dance, “1 & 2 and 1 & 2 and 1 & 2.” All of the children and teachers had such big smiles. We had so much fun learning this new Indian dance.

Character writing (Mandarin Students): These activities help the children practice their penmanship while sharpening their eye-hand coordination skills. Practice makes perfect! They are focused and concentrated!

We would like to give a big “thank you” to all the parents who came and participated in our Open House. Thank you for your great support and for your precious thoughts and questions. In addition, we were pleased to see all the parents who joined our annual reunion, “Breakfast in the Park.” The children, parents, teachers, and staff had a wonderful sunny time together in the park.

Tending Their Garden:

In Montessori education, harvesting is so important to the children. Through tending their garden, children will explore a plant’s life cycle. They will be observing the plants from the seeds to sprout to growing. They will understand the plant’s “life cycle.”

Please take a look at the following pictures ...

The children have so much fun when discovering the vegetables and herbs that are ready for harvesting! You can hear them exclaim, “I found a mint leaf”, “ I found some green beans!” or “ I can see that some snow peas are ready now!”

Lastly, our children will be developing and studying their core subjects in Montessori Education: Science, Culture, Geography, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, and Language. They will be also developing their extra-curricular areas: Gymnastics, Music, and foreign languages (French and Spanish/Castellano). In addition, our Bilingual program children also will be continuing their Mandarin studies. The children will explore outdoor gardening activities, harvesting, planting vegetables and flowers, and observing and studying their growth and life cycles. In October, the children will focus on their monthly character education, “Respect.” Furthermore, our monthly theme for October is, “Getting to Know Me”. We are super excited for this new school year!

Mrs. Roshan & Ms. Jenny

Gratitude Corner

Gratitude Corner: Thank you Parents for attending the Open House and The Breakfast in the Park events. It’s is a joy to work with you and your families.

A big “thank you” to our presenters Adriana (Room 13: Keren’s Mother), Patama (Room 13: Eliana’s Mother) for giving us a presentation about the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Thank you for the delicious treats for the children and the teachers!

We also would like to a big “thank you” to Pratima and Kristin (Room 13 and Preprimary class: Mira and Maya’s Grandmother and Mother) for the great presentation about Indian culture about a festival called Navratri, where the Indian dance called Garba is performed for 9 days.

Birthday Corner

Happy Birthday to:

Room 13 Classroom

Pre-Primary Classroom

Bilingual Classroom

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Info. Corner

Casa Classroom

The children love to let their happiness and personalities show. We are very excited for the upcoming school year. Happy New School Year! From Casa Class!

Dear Families

We hope you all had a great summer. Casa is happy to welcome new families, as well as returning families. We are looking forward to a great school year!

Along with the Montessori materials, we are enriching the children’s education and development with activities, topics, and lessons that we hope will spark their interest, curiosity, and imagination. Each month, starting in October, we will incorporate a different theme and let the children explore it through different activities and lessons throughout the different areas of the classroom. We will start with, “All About Me.”

So far, we have enjoyed our time getting to know the children, them getting to know us, and helping them through classroom guidelines. It is great to see how quickly they adapt to a new environment and how eager they are to help and care for each other. We hope that we can continue to foster their independence and sympathy towards each other. Overall, the children’s favorite activities so far are: helping in the garden, playing on the playground, art, and watching Hippy the Bearded Dragon.

A big “thank you” for the parents who taught us about the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashana. The children enjoyed the story, dancing, and especially, the yummy snack. We were also happy to spend some time with you all during the Open House and Breakfast in the Park, we were glad to see so many of you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at: or the faculty line: (650) 473-9595.

Best Regards,
Casa Class Teachers

Pre-Primary Classroom

Dear Families,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! It has been such a pleasure to see our returning families and to welcome new families to the Pre-Primary class. The children are adapting to our classroom. At this point, it is essential for the children to have a daily routine that begins when they are dropped off at school. The teacher greets them at the door. They carry their belongings to the classroom and put them away where they belong. They put their smocks on and get ready to start working.

They are doing quite well at school. The children are busy challenging themselves with work and developing their social graces by exchanging greetings in the morning and practicing using the phrases “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me.” Also, during lunch we are practicing saying, “I am satisfied” after finishing their meal course. We encourage you to help us at home to continue building these skills together.

These children are practicing how to walk on a balance beam during Gymsport class. It takes practice and coordination to be able to walk on a beam with one foot in front of the other. Good balance requires practice, patience, concentration, and willingness to master the skill.

Your child is constantly learning in a Montessori classroom. This includes learning to return their jobs or work to the shelf. By doing this after a lesson, the child is learning how to carry a basket or a tray with their job on it. We had lessons on how to use a rolling mat or rug to do a job; washing hands before snacks, lunch or after using the restroom; cleaning after snack; and putting the dirty dishes where they belong. These are examples of what they learn during the beginning of a school year and these will be built upon during your child’s time at Casa dei Bambini. The extracurricular program has begun and the children are also enjoying French, Spanish, Music, and Gymsport classes.

We visited the garden, and after checking the vegetables, herbs, and flowers, the children sat on the bench. They look so relaxed. What a joyful place to be!

We are excited to have such a great class and we expect that we will see great progress in their learning and skills this year. Our Montessori classroom goal is to support and facilitate development of their cognitive, communicative, and expressive language skills. We encourage children to enjoy school, make friends, explore the garden, have fun at playtime, become independent, be curious, be happy, and develop a feeling of a community.

This month, our lesson theme will be “Getting to Know Me.” We will focus on teaching them how to answer simple questions about themselves. To help develop their organizational skills, we suggest making charts for them of their vacations, family members, lunch menus, extracurricular activities, or what they will bring during our sharing day of Fridays.

In this picture, you see a group children working independently and focusing on their jobs. This photo was taken during the first few weeks of school and the children were getting to know our classroom routine, exploring the environment and meeting new friends.

We will be celebrating Halloween in the classroom. Our celebration is always child-friendly and never scary. The children will decorate a bag for them to use during our school Halloween Fun Day. This celebration is only for our students and we will provide the costumes from school for the children to dress up. More information will be sent home before the event.

We understand that getting back into the school routine after summer can be a challenge both for the children as well as the families. You may want to take some time to review the information in the school emails and familiarize yourself with the school guidelines for drop off procedures, late arrivals, absences, etc. If we can help answer any questions, our email is and our faculty line is (650) 473-9595. We will happily reply to your emails and return your calls between the hours of 3 PM - 4 PM daily. We look forward to working with you throughout the year to ensure the continued happiness and success of our Bambini.

Mrs. Adriana


Rosh Hashanah presentation:
A big “thank you” to our presenters Adriana (Room 13: Keren’s Mother), Patama (Room 13: Eliana’s Mother) for giving us a presentation about the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Thank you for the delicious treats for the children and the teachers!

Rosh Hashanah presentation

Rosh Hashanah presentation

Rosh Hashanah presentation

Navratri festival:
We also would like to a big “thank you” to Pratima and Kristin (Room 13 and Preprimary class: Mira and Maya’s Grandmother and Mother) for the great Navratri festival presentation , where the Indian dance called Garba is performed for 9 days.

Navratri festival

Navratri festival

Navratri festival

Navratri festival