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Montessori's Known Faces

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Alexander Graham Bell founded two of the first Montessori schools in the U.S. and Canada.
Thomas Edison founded a Montessori school in the U.S.
Jean Piaget, noted psychologist, was head of the Swiss Montessori Society. He did his first observations of children in a Montessori School.
Woodrow Wilson created a Montessori classroom in the basement of the White House for his daughter.
Fred “Mister” Rogers was also a strong advocate of Montessori education.
Dr. Devi Sridhar youngest-ever American Rhodes scholar.

Anne Frank ____

Julia Child

Jimmy Wales

Devi Sridhar Jeff Bezos David Blaine Melisa Gilbert
Katherine Graham Gabriel Marquez George Clooney Helen Hunt Jackie Kennedy Beyonce Knowles Sara Gilbert
Jennifer Granholm Joshua Bell Chelsea Clinton Dakota Fanning Harry William Thomas Edison T. Berry Brazelton
Larry Page Sergey Brin Yoyoma ____ Alice Waters Queen Noor of Jordan Jean Piaget Mr. Rogers


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